Sarah Davies -
Telephone: 07968 388 674

Music is Medicine
In my classes and workshops I play a whole range of music with the intention of catalysing a wide range of
movement. Different textures, flavours and time scales. Music from different parts of the world made by
people from different walks of life.

Body 'n Bones by Sarah Davies on Mixcloud

Inside Out by Sarah Davies on Mixcloud

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International Movement Teachers Association - IMTA
Teachers eligible to join the IMTA have trained in one of these four schools:
Soul Motion
Movement Medicine
Open Floor

I have huge amounts of gratitude to the amazing friends and collegues I work with:
Founders of Open Floor (California)
Kathy Altman Lori Saltzman Andrea Juhan Vic Cooper
Founding Members of Open Floor:
Sue Rickards (London) Deborah Jay-Lewin (Scotland)
Lucie Nerot (France)
Cynthia Kennedy (Washington)
Irit Ziv-Ron (Israel)
Nele Vandezande (Belgium)
Rivi Diamond (Israel)
Tim Stephenson (Bali)
Geordie Jahner (New Zealand)
Cathy Ryan (London)

Greenwich Team (London)
Alex Nikiforov
Jane Belshaw
Bodhi Hunt

Full Moon Women's Dance Team (London) My co-teacher at Love Thy Everyone (Brighton)
Julie Rose
Nikki Ashley
Virginia Farman

London and South East England google maps showing location of classes and contact details of teachers
who trained with Gabrielle Roth:
South East England
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View in a larger map

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